We know our patrons are anxiously awaiting the full reopening of our building, and trust us, the staff is too! While there have been significant supply chain hiccups, most of the flooring in the basement has been replaced and the required structural repairs have been made.


If you have visited our building recently, you might have seen workers up on our roof working on our air handlers, or heard the noises from welding and pipe cutting that are going on in the basement. That will continue for a while until all necessary repairs are completed. 


On that note, be on the lookout for an announcement of an upcoming Library closure for a few days in November when our electrical boxes are relocated and our city water and sewer lines are repaired. Staff and patrons will not be able to be in the building during those repairs, but again, it will only take a few days.

We hope to have a full reopening of the Library sometime during the Spring of 2022, so please continue to be patient with us as we navigate through these unpredictable construction phases and nationwide supply chain issues. Thank you for your understanding and support during these difficult times!

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Connecting people to resources is our mission but the health and safety of our patrons and staff is our first priority. Since the flood of May 2020, it has become difficult to accomplish our mission while still keeping patrons and staff safe. The flood left the Library without heat, hot water, a properly working fire alarm system, or air conditioning (in most of the building). We realize it has been a very difficult year and a half, and we want to assure you we are doing everything we can to get the Library up and fully open again.

Mechanical Part 1:

Replacing boilers and restoring heat to the Library.

Design Phase:

Designing the blueprints and specifications for construction of the lower level.

Mechanical Part 2:

Replacing the rest of the mechanical systems in east mechanical.


Reconstruction of the lower level.