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Frequently Asked Questions

  • This year’s Battle of the Books will be a series of two virtual Battles and one Final Battle. Each Battle will consist of 20 questions from each of the 10 books. The Final Battle will be an oral Battle consisting of only “in what book” questions, while the three virtual battles will have a mix of questions. The types can be found on our sample question sheet.

  • Unlike in years past, there will not be a gradual elimination of teams. All registered teams will compete in all three virtual battles with the top two overall scoring teams going on to Final Battle.

  • Teams will meet on their own to participate in the Battles. If there is no place a team can meet, contact the library and we can have a space at the library.

  • The Battles will be timed. Once the quiz is started, a team will have a set amount of time to finish the Battle.

  • Teams do not need to be all together in one place, they just need to be able to communicate with each other to answer the questions. For example, if one team member is going to be out of town, they can call a teammate and be part of the verbal discussion when deciding on an answer.

  • Final Battle to be broadcast live by MCTV. When a team is ready to register, there is a section for the consent of each parent for their child to be filmed. Each parent does not have to fill out this section on their own, the person who is filling out the form can get verbal consent from the parents and fill out the form on the parents behalf. Registration ends January 15.

  • During the Battles, kids are not allowed to have the books with them and are not allowed to look up any answers. Managers are not allowed to help kids answer questions. With the first three Battles being virtual, teams have the option of not being in the same place but still participating in the Battles. Because of this cell phones and other computers are allowed, but again, we trust that teams will not use them to look up answers to questions.



Battle of the Books is a program designed to encourage and reward readers.  Grace A. Dow Librarians choose books which encompass a variety of interests and introduce students to a wide range of literature. The Individual Battle season kicks off on Monday, April 11 with the beginning of online registration. The link below contains the list of titles that students may choose to read:

2022 Battle Booklist 


Please register your student by Monday, April 25 to participate.  The battles begin in early May and conclude with the championship battle May 16-18. 

2022 Individual Battle Schedule

April 11: Online Registration Opens & Books are available to check out

April 25: Last Day of Registration

May 2 - 4: First Virtual “written “ battle

May 9 - 11: Second Virtual “written” battle

May 16 - 18Final Battle 

Sample Questions


The following are some examples of questions asked in written and final battle.

All Oral Battle and Championship Battle questions will use the ‘In what book” format.

Not all questions will fall into these precise categories.


1. “Name of important character or significant nickname of a minor character”

Give the first and last name of the main character who had a gift for mathematics and an uncanny ability to always know what time it was.


2.“In what book”

In what book did a character’s favorite places include the jungle gym at Growing Minds Day Care; the blue box behind the Chinese restaurant where they throw out empty pineapple tins; and the top of a shaky draying at the Laundromat?


3. “Comparison with another book(s) on the list”

In OPHELIA AND THE MARVELOUS BOY, the marvelous boy’s name was taken by a group of wizards. In what other book do you find wizards?


4. “Important setting or location”

In what book are the characters told to stay away from Collier’s Landing?


5. “Give one out of two or more possibilities”

Name one of the two characters who thought, Nobody understand how hard it is, being captain.”


6. “Short answer – significant title, event or object”

Name the type of tree the wizards used as messenger trees to talk to each other over long distances.


7. “Quotation directly from the book”

Name the Battle character who said, “Most people would consider everything I do a goof.”


8. “Definition of unique terms or important words”

When Marty asked what cryptos meant, Grace told him it was from a Greek word that meant WHAT?


  1. Ben Ripley     Gibbs     p 6

  2. ZOOBREAK      Korman     p 7

  3. TUESDAYS AT THE CASTLE     George     p 104

  4. THE WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM     Curtis     p 169

  5. 1). Black Stache  2). Captain Scott      Barry     p 114-115

  6. Herald Trees     Foxlee     p 44                                                                                     

  7. Florida (Carter)     Creech    p 222

  8. Hidden    Smith     p 44



Helpful Hints


  • Listen carefully to the question.  Is it asking for the title of the book or the name of a character?  Did the question ask for both a first and last name?

  • There are 3 ways to answer a question about a Battle character.

    • If the question asks for the first and last name, both have to be correct.

    • If the question asks “Name the Battle character,” you need to give a name such as “Marty.”  You may give both the first and last names, but both names need to be correct.  Saying “Grace’s brother” rather than a name would not be correct.

    • If the question asks “What Battle character” any identifying name or title would be acceptable.

  • When giving a title, use the complete title as listed on our Battle Booklist, such as “THE WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM” Just saying “The Watsons” is not acceptable.

  • We will not ask for more information if your answer is incomplete.  However, be careful to not give so much information that part of your answer is wrong.

  • Multiple Choice and True/False questions may be used during Written Battles.  Many questions can be written in multiple ways.  For example, the question “When did Cece lose her hearing?”:


               TRUE OR FALSE:  True or False. Cece lost her hearing when she was four.


               MULTIPLE CHOICE:  At which age did Cece lose her hearing? A) Three B) Four C) Five D) Six


Being a Battle of the Books team manager is a very important job.  The team manager helps the team work together by dividing up reading responsibilities, helping the team practice, and making Battle of the Books a fun, positive experience. 


As the team manager, it is your responsibility to register your team. Register online by Saturday January 15. Some schools have additional forms to be filled out, so also check with your principal, media staff, or school Battle Coordinator about what is required at your school.


A person can act as team manager for more than one team if they so choose.


When choosing a team name, remember that school names cannot be a part of the team name and that your team name will be listed exactly as it appears on the form.  Your team should also select an alternate name, since team names are given to the first team to submit the registration form to the Youth Services Desk, and your first choice may have already been taken. 


It is a hard, but true, fact of Battle that approximately half of the registered teams will qualify for the Second Written Battle, and only eight teams will have the chance to participate in Oral Battle Day.  An important part of Battle of the Books is having fun as a team, and there are many ways to accomplish this regardless of how far your team goes in the battles. 


We also encourage you and your team to watch MCTVs taping of the Championship Battle.


The library staff deeply appreciates the hard work and commitment of the team managers who make Battle of the Books possible!




The following hints have been suggested by previous team managers.

Please choose the ones you feel comfortable using.

  • Remember that reading should - first and foremost – be enjoyable, so keep your team’s interest up and the pressure off by planning fun activities related to the books.


  • Let your team members and their parents know what you expect of them in terms of reading and commitment. Have them acknowledge their agreement to these commitments by signing a permission slip.


  • Encourage each team member to read as many books as possible. Some managers divide the books, making each team member responsible for certain books.


  • Make a chart with the book titles across the top and your team members’ names down the side. As each member finishes a title, put a star in the appropriate spot.


  • Keep notes for all of the books with the main characters, the important events, the settings, etc. listed below each title.


  • As your team members read the books, have them write down questions and share them with other team members.


  • Quiz the members periodically for authors’ last names.


  • Read some of the books yourself and discuss them with team members.

  • Emphasize the fact that every participant is a winner. It is important for your team members to learn to win and lose graciously.