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Computer Services at the Library

The library has a variety of computer services available to patrons. They include access to the Internet, word processing, and more.

Internet Access Computers 

Internet access is provided at no charge. In order to use the Internet computers, you must have a library card or ask librarians for a guest pass. How to get a library card.

Use of the public Internet computers is limited to 300 minutes per person per day. This time may be used at one time or in increments throughout the day. 

Monitors must remain in the forward facing position at all times.

Loud talking and cell phone use are discouraged. Please notify a librarian if others at the computers are creating a disturbance.

The computers are equipped with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher 2013.

For printing, black and white printing is 10¢, color printing is 50¢ per page.

You must agree to adhere to the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

How to Sign-in and Print from the Internet Computers (PDF)


Laptop Rentals - Laptop rental is for use within the Library.  

Laptops allow access to the Internet through the Library’s wireless network in most parts of the building.

Internet access is filtered and the operating system is Windows 10. Laptops are equipped with Microsoft Office 2013 products - Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Users are able to upload to the Internet or download to. Please note that any programs or documents saved to the laptop will be erased after each individual use so the user is encouraged to save to external storage for saving their work.

Borrowers may check out a laptop provided they meet the following requirements:

>18 years of age or older

>Have possession of a Driver’s License or State Identification Card

>Have a library account in good standing. (Borrowers not eligible for a library card may check out a laptop on a special laptop card if over 18 years and have Identification.) 


To check out a laptop borrowers must read and sign the “Laptop Borrower Agreement (PDF)” and leave a Driver’s License or Identification Card at the Checkout Desk for the duration of the rental.


The borrower is responsible for paying for damages or theft of the laptop during the time of rental.

Laptops must be returned an hour before closing.

Please contact the Reference Desk with questions regarding laptop use.




Mobile Printing at the Library

Print from your laptop or device while in the library or at your home, work, or anywhere with Internet access. You must retrieve your print job the same day.

Send the email or attachment to:

     for black and white printing (10¢ per page)

     for color printing (50¢ per page)


A scanner in the local history room will scan documents to email.

This is a free service.


See librarians for help locating and using the scanner.

Wireless Access

Free Wi-Fi


Choose Wi-Fi option: GraceADowLibraryWIFI  Password:   gadml2024 

Word Processing

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint And Publisher 2013 are available on the Internet computers.


Printing costs are 10¢ for black and white and 50¢ for color per page.  

Internet Access Computers
Laptop Rentals
Mobile Printing in the Library
Wireless Access
Word Processing
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