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What is my Pin?

The PIN is usually the last 4 numbers of your phone number.
If you have any questions about your PIN please email us at askgadml@gmail.com.

Who can borrow?

Library card holders in good standing.

Try these services to borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and more.

OverDrive log

Borrow Audiobooks, eBooks, and Magazines

You can borrow 5 items at a time. Return an item early to borrow more.
(Magazines do not count toward checkout limits.)

Borrowing Period:
21 days 

How to set up and use the newest OverDrive app Libby:

      Libby app for eBooks, Audiobooks, and Magazines (PDF)


Get the app: Android | Apple

Other ways to borrow:

 - Kindle and Kindle Fire  - send eBooks to your device in the same format as the
eBooks you buy from Amazon. Use the OverDrive app to listen to Audiobooks on the Kindle Fire.

 - Older Devices - use the OverDrive app or use the web browser on the device to access the Libby website, libbyapp.com.

 - Black and White eReaders - Simple Nook, Kobo, Sony and other non-Kindle eReaders   require your computer and Adobe Digital Editions software.

      Video tutorial about Overdrive 

Libby app icon
Hoopla logo

Borrow Audiobooks, Comics, eBooks, Music and Video

You can borrow 10 items per month during the Library closure.

Borrowing Periods:

Ebooks & Audiobooks - 21 days 
Music - 7 days 
Movies & TV shows - 3 days 
(Borrowed items will carry over to the next month if you borrow at the end of the month and you will be able to borrow more items at the beginning of the month.)

How to set up and use the Hoopla App:

   Hoopla for Android   (PDF)

   Hoopla for iPad and iPhone  (PDF)

Get the app: Android | Apple

 Video tutorial about Hoopla

Hoopla app icon

Tumble Book Library

Always available and unlimited eBooks, animated talking picture books, graphic novels and audiobooks.

Use the web browser on your smart device or computer to enjoy the streaming content. No account required. Just click on the services below to begin.

Tumble Book Library
Tumble Math
Kanopy logo

Borrow streaming movies and documentaries. 

You can borrow 10 titles a month. Great Courses and kids material are unlimited.

Borrowing Period:
3 days 

How to set up and use the Kanopy App:

 Kanopy App for streaming video (PDF)


Get the app: Android Apple

       Video tutorial about Kanopy

Kanopy app icon