+ Is the Library building open?

The Library building is open on the main floor Monday 9am - 7:30pm; Tuesday to Thursdays: 9am - 6pm; Friday: 1pm - 5pm; Saturday: 9am - 1pm  Visitors can browse most of Adult collection and sections of the newest and most popular Juvenile and Teen collections. Reference services, account assistance, and computer access are available. 

+ Can I donate books to the Library?

Not at this time. Due to the flood damage we do not have the space to store donations.

+ Can I print documents at the Library?

Yes, on the computers that are available near the Reference desk. But not for mobile printing from your own computer or device.

+ Can I reserve a room at the Library?

Not at this time. All available meeting spaces were flooded and the auditorium has been transitioned into MCTV's temporary studio.

+ What is the difference between the 2017 and 2020 flood events?

In 2017, all of the materials and furniture in the youth services area was packed up and stored off-site. This provided limited access to children's materials and cost the library hundreds of thousands of dollars in moving and storage costs. Due to Covid 19, the Library made the decision to store furniture and materials on the main and second floors of the Library. This has allowed the Library to save a substantial amount of money while providing access to youth services materials via curbside service. However, storing materials onsite has significantly limited space for patrons to potentially walk around making the Library non-ADA compliant.  

+ When will the Library be fully open?

We are unsure at this time. The process of restoring the Library is proving to be a very complicated process due to extensive damage to critical mechanical systems. The flood of 2020 was much worse and did greater damage than the flood of 2017. The Library, much like many other organizations in our community, is working with FEMA to secure funding to ensure the Library is restored and once again can have patrons come through our doors. However, we do not anticipate opening our doors to patrons until early 2022.   

+ How do I get a library card?

Please see how to get a library card here.

+ I forgot my PIN. How do I retrieve it?

Your pin/password to your online account is most likely the last 4 digits of the phone number associated with your Library account. If that doesn't work, please contact the Library staff and we can reset it for you. phone: (989) 837-3457, text: (989) 750-0060, email: askgadml@gmail.com

+ What if I forgot or lost my Library Card number?

Please contact the Library. After verifying your identity we can give you your card number or issue you a new card if needed.

+ Is the Library offering Curbside service?

The Library is offering contactless curbside service on Mondays 5 - 6:45 p.m. and Fridays 10 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. This service allows you to pick up holds by reserving materials through the online catalog. Once those materials have been retrieved and are ready for you, you will be able to schedule a curbside pickup time by following the instructions on your holds notification. To learn more about curbside service please click here. 

+ Where can I return my items?

Please return all of your items to the exterior book drop located outside of the Library to the right (east) of the auditorium doors.

+ How can I give the Library feedback?

Please send feedback to askgadml@gmail.com

+ Why isn't my library card working? Why can't I place a hold?

There are a few situations where your library card will no longer be able to place holds, check out items, use the online resource databases, or other functions. To find out the specific reason your card may not be working, please contact us during available hours, (989) 837-3457, or you can also log on to your online account (if you are able) using your barcode and pin/password.

Possible causes for your card not working:

  • If your account has more than $25 of total fees, you may not be able to place holds, use our online resource databases, check out items, and perform other functions at the Library. 

  • If your card has expired. Cards expire to ensure we have patrons' most current information. Please contact the library to verify the information is correct. 

  • If you have a conditional card (non-resident or teacher card, for example), your privileges may have expired.

  • You may have reached your limit for placing items on hold.

+ How do I let the Library know I have moved or changed my phone number?

Please contact us via phone: (989) 837-3457, text: (989) 750-0060, or email: askgadml@gmail.com