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Students in grades 6-8 interested in participating in the Middle School Battle of the Books can form teams of one or 2 people. Each team member must register separately using the Google form.

Click here to register

The Battle season kicks off on Monday, February 6 with the release of the booklist and the beginning of online registration. This is the first day that Battle books will be available at the Library for checkout. 

Registration must be completed by Monday, March 20 to participate. Most of the battles will be conducted virtually and begin in mid-April and will conclude with an in-person championship battle on Tuesday, April 25.

2023 Middle School Battle of the Books Schedule

February 6: Online Registration Opens

March 20: Online Registration Ends

April 3 - 5: Online Practice Battle

April 10 - 12: First Virtual Battle

April 17 - 19: Second Virtual Battle

April 25: In-person Final Battle (Recorded by MCTV)


Participants can work independently or with one other person. The maximum size of a team is 2 people. 


Middle School Battle is different from 4th and 5th-grade battles. All participants will compete in 2 battles. The highest combined score from the two battles will advance to the final battle. No teams will be eliminated until the final battle. If you don't do well in one battle don't give up, there is still one battle that will factor into your final score.  


If you don't make it to the final battle we encourage you and your team to watch MCTV's taping of the Championship Battle.




  • Remember, reading should - first and foremost – be enjoyable! 

  • Read all 5 books so you can be ready for battle!


  • Keep notes for all of the books with the main characters, the important events, the settings, etc. listed below each title.


  • As you or your teammate read each book write down questions and share/quiz each other.

  • Every participant is a winner.

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